If you are serious about buying your new home, you need a realtor who  will look at newly listed properties and follow real estate market for you on a daily basis.

Only that way , you can be sure you will not miss the property you like. There is only one relevant web site you should be checking on your end: realtor.ca.

Many other real estate web site will likely have old information and listed properties that have been sold already. But even realtor.ca does not guarantee that you will not miss the just listed house which can already be sold before you even are aware. How is this possible? Well, realtor.ca updates the information on new listed properties 24-48hrs AFTER they have been posted on torontomls.net, the web site agents use to publish the listings.

Agents can see just listed homes on their web site the moment other agents publish them, but as the end user the buyer will only see it once realtor.ca picks them up from agent's server and that is 24-48hrs later.

In addition to that realtor.ca does not update over the weekends, so imagine the property you absolutely love which has been listed on Friday, sold over the weekend, and you see it for the first time on Monday evening on realtor.ca

Second most common mistake serious buyers do is calling many agents, and going from listing to listing seeing homes with bunch of different agents.

Make no mistake unless you commit to the agent that you feel you can build good relationship and trust with, you will not be taken as a their priority client

Agents will get back to you AFTER they serve clients who committed to them. Once again you can be late to buy the property you absolutely love.

That is why you best strategy is to find an agent, and only ONE AGENT who you can build relationship and trust with

I would appreciate an opportunity to be that agent, and earn the right to represent you when buying a home


List if my services that would be free for you include these 10 commitments:

1. I will find the property that fits your requirements or as close as it is possible

2. I will present you with comparable sales in the area within last 365 days so we can estimate market value of the property

3. I will negotiate the best possible deal for you and almost always under the market value

4. I will advise you great mortgage brokers who will propose lower mortgage rates than your own bank will do

5. I will advise you qualified home inspectors you can chose from including certified mould inspector!

6. I will advise affordable real estate lawyers who close real estate deals on a daily basis

7. I will help you with any renovation project you may need providing information in low cost of quality materials and qualifies labour, and that will appx. save you 50% of your expenses

8. I will arrange visits to the property prior to closing so we can organize any work to be done and moving day schedule

9. I will pay/reimburse you for lawyer fees for on closing, if you sell your home with me as well.

10. I will look after you honestly like I am buying home myself because I want you to call me one day to sell the house you bought with me